First Robot Citizen

The Washington Post and other media have published information that Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a female-like robot equipped with advanced artificial intelligence. Her name is Sophia and she proclaims that she recognizes “human values such as wisdom, kindness and compassion”. This act not only stirs up controversies due to the approach of Saudi Arabia to women rights but it also raises many practical questions regarding the rights this robot has. Can she own property? Will she earn money and be able to open a bank account? Does she have the right to privacy? Could she possibly marry someone? The list of questions can be endless…

Especially interesting issue is whether this robot will get a passport and could travel. How should other states react as they do not recognize any other subjects than humans as citizens?

The original article from the Washington post is available here.

More information about Sophia can be found on the website of Hanson Robotics here.

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